What is Figaro?

The Figaro XML Database is an API layer for the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database written for the Microsoft .NET Framework. It provides full compatibility with the Oracle Berkeley DB XML while providing XML database functionality to .NET Framework developers on the Microsoft Windows platforms. 

Figaro Benefits

What are the benefits to having a small-footprint database server running inside your application? As it turns out, that's only scratching the surface.

Figaro Editions

Choose between Data Store (DS), Concurrent Data Store (CDS), Transactional Data Store (TDS), and High Availability (HA).


Explore your licensing options here. 

Latest from the Blog

The March 2016 update to the Figaro NuGet packages were pushed out last night. The focus of most of the changes were around improving the quality of the NuGet packages themselves, some fixes to Figaro.Configuration, and the inclusion of a helper class to make it easier for developers to get started with the product. But the biggest enhancement to this release is what was built behind the scenes.

Figaro .NET applications can now be downloaded from the GitHub page at http://github.com/bdbxml .

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