What is Figaro?

The Figaro XML Database is an API layer for the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database that extends the platform as a native feature to the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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Figaro Benefits

What are the benefits to having an embedded database server running inside your application?

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Figaro Editions

Choose between Data Store (DS), Concurrent Data Store (CDS), Transactional Data Store (TDS), and High Availability (HA).

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Real Document Storage

Build industry applications using data storage in a format that's native to the formats you exchange data with.

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Designed for Flexibility

Use Figaro to build standards-supporting microservices, web applications, Windows and Windows Marketplace applications, even XBox games. Replicate data from your master data source to customers or datacenters.

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Figaro Blog

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Berkeley DB for .NET Core is (Almost) Ready!

07/11/2018 Using Berkeley DB with .NET Core on Windows and Linux is ready. Almost. Read More

An Oracle Gold Partner

As an Oracle partner, Endpoint Systems is a value added reseller of Oracle Berkeley DB XML licenses. Visit our licensing portal for pricing details and support options.

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