An embedded, high performance database that requires no additional hardware and requires no additional teams to manage. What's not to love about that?

Big Benefits in a Small NuGet Package

Some of the many benefits of the Figaro library include:

  • Portability. Oracle Berkeley DB XML libraries are available for Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, C++, and other languages on Linux and MacOS platforms. You can migrate your databases with your applications to use in other apps or platforms. See our Portability page for more details.
  • A small footprint capable of large-scale storage. The Figaro .NET assembly, with a memory footprint of less than ten megabytes, can store, index and query up to 256 terabytes of XML data.
  • Zero administration. Your application performs the database administration, eliminating the need for a DBA and allowing continuous, unattended operation.
  • XQuery. LINQ lovers will find using the XQuery engine (and XQuery's FLWOR expressions) to be a comfortable, familiar and an extremely flexible way of performing read and write operations XML data content and query output. Use XQuery to transform your query results into markup, flat text, web pages, JSON or other data types.The library also provides an extensive API for accessing data.
  • Metadata.Perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on the XML metadata of the documents in your database using simple XQuery expressions or the API.
  • Encryption. Password-encrypt your XML databases using AES encryption so your data is encrypted 'at rest'.
  • Transaction support. Figaro has full support for the creation of performing transactional operations against its XML databases.
  • In-memory operation. Run your transaction log, your database, or both entirely in memory, saving the cost of file operations and boosting performance.
  • High availability. With Figaro HA, you can create a database master that replicates over TCP/IP to other sites, distributing your querying workload. You can also configure failover so that if that site goes down, your other sites hold an election and pick a replacement 'master'.
  • Hot backup. Automate your application to continually save and back up your database, maintaining integrity and minimizing catastrophic failures or downtime.