Figaro 6.1.4 Release Notes

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Change log and updates to Figaro 6.1.4


If this is your first time using the Figaro NuGet packages, please be sure you agree to the licensing terms and read the README file included in your NuGet package.

The Berkeley DB XML 6.1 update is a minor update; according to the change log this update is mostly bug fixes and stabilty enhancements. For an abbreviated history of fixes specific to Figaro, see the section Figaro Changes below.

Important NuGet Note

NuGet PackageRef is not supported by this package. The packages.config format is required when installing the NuGet package. This is to ensure you get all of the C++ library dependencies that ship with the Figaro package. has changed its behavior regarding its role as a reference in Visual Studio project files. Be sure to update your NuGet settings to the following configuration before adding the package:

NuGet Configuration

Our current NuGet package depends on the packages.config approach, as the package includes a directory of command-line utilities for database management.

Berkeley DB Changes

Environment Requirements

If you have a 6.0.18 environment, you will need to delete your environment files when upgrading to 6.1. This means deleting the shared memory region files, if you have any. These are files of the form __db.### (such as __db.001) in the environment directory. Then re-create the environment in 6.1 using the same configurations (such as transaction enabled).

New Features

  • Added support for Berkeley DB 6.2.23, with additional string overflow bug fixes
  • Added support for XQilla 2.3.3, with additional string overflow fixes
  • Added support for Xerces-C 3.1.4
  • Added support for zlib 1.2.11

General Functionality Changes

  • Fixed an indexing bug that could result in attribute nodes being deleted from the index when they stil exist in the document
  • Fixed a possible NULL pointer crash in Berkeley DB XML.
  • Fixed a replication bug that could cause new containers to fail to replicate properly from master to bug

Figaro Changes


  • VSTS build process refactorings and modernization
  • Fixed a major AccessViolationException issue preventing proper object allocations


  • code analysis refactorings and enum cleanup/clarifications
  • VSTS build process bug put all packages in 'version 9999'


  • Minor change to the OnMessage event within FigaroEnv - the message prefix is now included in the event.
  • The dbxml utility is not present in the NuGet package currently. However, you can download it at where there is an effort underway to fix bugs and issues. A separate NuGet package may become available, or we may just keep it here, depending on the feedback we get.