Figaro Updates November 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Today we're pleased to announce several updates:

  • The release of Figaro High Availability (HA) edition to NuGet, as well as package updates for all other product editions
  • Hot Backup functionality
  • Licensing
  • Communication Channels

Figaro HA

Figaro HA allows you to distribute your database write operations (performed on a read-write master) to one or more replica sites; this is called a single master, multiple replica replication strategy. This means that write operations only occur at the master.

Technical documentation regarding implementation details can be found in the documentation here.

Hot Backup

Backing up databases is as simple as stopping the database activity and running a copy job on the files. But sometimes that isn’t always the most convenient option, so adding the hot backup functionality was implemented. The RunBackup method was added to the (FigaroEnv)[] object to allow backups to run within the application itself.


All NuGet packages are deployed with licensing included in them. To use the NuGet packages, you will need to register and sign in at, navigate to Figaro Licenses->Figaro NuGet Licensing, where you can pick up a free license for development and/or non-commercial purposes. Commercial licensing and Oracle Support are also available for purchase. ISV and/or other specialized licensing is available on request – send an email to if there are specific scenarios you had in mind.

6/19/2018 update: Go to if you wish to evaluate Figaro. User registration is required.


Speaking of reaching out – if you have any questions, you can reach out to us on Twitter at @endpointsystems or on our Slack channel at

There is a lot of technical documentation to read, but examples are few and far between. Stay tuned as we work to correct this!